Finding the Poetry in Things

Welcome to The Poetry of Things, a blog dedicated to creating and sharing our nonfiction writing about the objects in our lives. The objects one can write about are endless—a photograph, a flower, a journal, a tangerine. Here, weekly prompts about various objects will be given to writers across the net, provoking memories and sentiment,... Continue Reading →

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You: A Response to the Fifth Prompt

I keep little things of you in a wooden box. Some movie tickets, a sticker, a photograph of petals motionless at the bottom of a pool. I find folded up notes you wrote to me, smell traces of you on slips of crumpled paper. I keep you boxed up but can never seem close us... Continue Reading →

The Fifth Prompt: On Sentimentality

This week's prompt asks you to consider an object of sentimentality. What have you saved over the years, and why? What kind of object is it, and what does it mean to you? This could truly be anything, as long as it is of meaning to you personally. Begin by describing the object, and then... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Prompt: On Clothing

Despite the perennial desire to find myself in the heat of summer and free of the binding nature of clothing, clothes are, of course, an imperative to life in society. They serve a variety of purposes––as decoration, warmth or protection. Clothes, in some sense, are inherently a facet in all of our lives. This week's... Continue Reading →

Loops: A Response to the Third Prompt

At four in the afternoon, all shops close in Spanish cities. Abuelitas click back the locks of their delis, men in ties close the doors of their vermouth bars while lighting a cigarette, and the city pauses. Except for the buses that continuously rumble, crossing painted pavement and cobblestone, rushing past the beach and through... Continue Reading →

The Second Prompt: A Time Piece

I've been thinking a lot about time—how it slows and speeds up, how my perception of it has changed, how it has and hasn’t changed me. There seems to never be enough of it—it's always slipping away, churning, moving on. And sometimes, there's too much. So, this week, our prompt will focus on writing about... Continue Reading →

Eight: A Response to the First Prompt

Eight is late-summer sweetness. It’s ponytails and floral skirts and little toe nails painted pink. It’s salted cucumber slices on cold china. It’s running through the sprinklers in the backyard and picking peas off the vine. It’s laying in the grass at dusk and itching mosquito bites. It's glasses clinking against the counter and bowls... Continue Reading →

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