Our Purpose

Welcome to The Poetry of Things!

Here, we work as a community of writers who create and share our nonfiction writing on the objects—the things—in our lives. Weekly prompts help us, by sparking memories and sentiments, to find the poetry in the objects that surround us, we then write about it, and share it. Join us!


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  1. Ecco,

    The layout of the front page is very aesthetically pleasing and fits the content that you are producing. I enjoy the fact that you have all of these tiny items in your main picture and your blog is about writing poetry about things. The yellow color scheme is bright and inviting and I think that it matches the content. Widgets are easy to find as well as the page navigation at the top. The grey writing under the title is kind of hard to see but I know that you know that and don’t know how to change it. From your “Our Purpose” page as well as the post you’ve pinned at the top I feel like I have a good idea of what your blog is about and what I can expect from it. Overall I feel like everything you have so far works well and looks good. It’s easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and the content matching the theme and color scheme.


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