Finding the Poetry in Things

Welcome to The Poetry of Things, a blog dedicated to creating and sharing our nonfiction writing about the objects in our lives.

The objects one can write about are endless—a photograph, a flower, a journal, a tangerine. Here, weekly prompts about various objects will be given to writers across the net, provoking memories and sentiment, igniting creative expression: finding the poetry in things. The prompts will be wide-ranging, providing a platform for all types of humans to work on their writing, as well as connect with other people by sharing the writing they produce.

Writers are welcome to share, in the comments of the prompt, all types of nonfiction—poetry, prose, as well as hybrid forms are welcome.

As the creator of this blog, I will also be utilizing these prompts as a way to cultivate a consistent writing practice, and sharing my pieces here with you all. Here’s to us!


14 thoughts on “Finding the Poetry in Things

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  1. Hello Ecco,
    Being much newer to blogging than you are, I’m unsure if this is your ‘about’ page. If it isn’t, just let me know and I can move this critique elsewhere.
    Your blog’s a little bare-bones but well-made. It’s hard to properly critique something based around the idea of helping people write. It’s well-made and you give good, honest responses to your audience.
    The visual layout is sweet and simple, the yellow and the banner of plants, lemons and the like gives it a relaxing atmosphere like an old coffee shop. Similarly, the fact that the different prompts are all stacked about lends a certain air of messy creativity which works quite well. It comes together quite well.
    Your widgets are bare-bones, but you only have the ones that serve your purpose and don’t subtract from your actual focus.
    If I had to criticize something, it would probably be that you have your response to your own prompts as their own separate pieces. Perhaps it would be better to have your own responses in the comment section of the prompt. That way, you are responding to the prompt alongside everywhere else.
    Overall, I quite enjoy it. Good work!

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  2. “Something so important yet often overlooked, underappreciated, hindsighted… rests within each domicile.

    The sleek bands and angles resembling the delicate curves of the naked body.

    We caress its embrace with our bodies, so intimately several moments within a day, should we be so fortunate.

    The cool hard surface warms beneath us as we position ourselves upon the hollow throne of moist return.

    I gaze onto the shimmering reflection as I lounge in the warmth of the salty bath beside. What a magnificent work of art to behold.”

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