Like Waves

We wrap our arms around one another like yesterday's dry seaweed on little weathered sticks. We give way to each other like salt sand crumbling. Guilt, bittersweet briny blue, laps at our chests like waves we cannot stop.


In the hot-garbage haze of a New York summer, a woman in powder blue chiffon shifts against a floral sheet. Sweat tingles down her temple, red fingernails itch the reachable space between freckles on her lower back. It isn't easy for her to fall sleep: the weight of her husband's hand on her hip pressures... Continue Reading →

When and What and How?

Post college creative writing classes, I am struggling to produce new material. How have you cultivated a daily writing practice? What inspires you to write? Any prompts you can share?

The Sixth Prompt: On Springtime

Spring is finally here, and thankfully so. This week's prompt asks you to consider the life blossoming around you: a flower, the grass, an animal, for example. It is, of course, important to consider not only the inanimate objects around us, but those that, beside us, spring forth with life. Describe your chosen object and... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Prompt: On Clothing

Despite the perennial desire to find myself in the heat of summer and free of the binding nature of clothing, clothes are, of course, an imperative to life in society. They serve a variety of purposes––as decoration, warmth or protection. Clothes, in some sense, are inherently a facet in all of our lives. This week's... Continue Reading →

Loops: A Response to the Third Prompt

At four in the afternoon, all shops close in Spanish cities. Abuelitas click back the locks of their delis, men in ties close the doors of their vermouth bars while lighting a cigarette, and the city pauses. Except for the buses that continuously rumble, crossing painted pavement and cobblestone, rushing past the beach and through... Continue Reading →

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