Our Clock: A Response to the Second Prompt

A clock hangs above our bed. Its face is faded, the burgundy frame cracked at four and nine. The two hands click through the hours whether we’re checking them or not; they pass over each other, then inevitably round farther away. We found it at an antique store two years ago, our hearts and our... Continue Reading →

The Second Prompt: A Time Piece

I've been thinking a lot about time—how it slows and speeds up, how my perception of it has changed, how it has and hasn’t changed me. There seems to never be enough of it—it's always slipping away, churning, moving on. And sometimes, there's too much. So, this week, our prompt will focus on writing about... Continue Reading →

Eight: A Response to the First Prompt

Eight is late-summer sweetness. It’s ponytails and floral skirts and little toe nails painted pink. It’s salted cucumber slices on cold china. It’s running through the sprinklers in the backyard and picking peas off the vine. It’s laying in the grass at dusk and itching mosquito bites. It's glasses clinking against the counter and bowls... Continue Reading →

The First Prompt: A Photograph

Our first prompt will focus on a photograph. To begin, choose a photograph of yourself, preferably in print. In preparation for this piece, we will start with a short memory-jogging exercise. Firstly, write a list of everything you see in the photograph: no detail is too small. Keep a record of this. Next, write a... Continue Reading →

The Poetry of Things

Welcome to The Poetry of Things, a blog dedicated to creating and sharing specific, image-based nonfiction writing. Here, vocabulary and an acute awareness of surroundings and of self ride themselves out on the page.

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