Shifting: An Announcement

Hello all, This is a quick note to you, wonderful follower of The Poetry of Things blog. I have recently graduated from university with a degree in creative writing. This shift in my life has caused a shift in this blog: we're changing here, growing. The Poetry of Things will no longer provide prompts, but... Continue Reading →

When I Think of You

WHEN I THINK OF YOU, I think of trampled things. Leaves crunched underfoot, wrinkled red balloon tethered up in spruce. Two heart strings plucked raw and burning at the bottom of the lake. Four hard-knock shivers down the spine, cracked open aortic valves spewing out that then and this now, four silver bolts tracking down... Continue Reading →

On Sweetness

I am slipping the sieve of myself Melting like warm honey Spreading across the kitchen table Reckless, somehow still sweet I’m not all spilled Some stickiness left at the bottom of The jar, despite many spoonfuls Scooped out by men along the way Most dragged their hands through me Then licked their fingers clean Thinking... Continue Reading →

The Sixth Prompt: On Springtime

Spring is finally here, and thankfully so. This week's prompt asks you to consider the life blossoming around you: a flower, the grass, an animal, for example. It is, of course, important to consider not only the inanimate objects around us, but those that, beside us, spring forth with life. Describe your chosen object and... Continue Reading →

The Fifth Prompt: On Sentimentality

This week's prompt asks you to consider an object of sentimentality. What have you saved over the years, and why? What kind of object is it, and what does it mean to you? This could truly be anything, as long as it is of meaning to you personally. Begin by describing the object, and then... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Prompt: On Clothing

Despite the perennial desire to find myself in the heat of summer and free of the binding nature of clothing, clothes are, of course, an imperative to life in society. They serve a variety of purposes––as decoration, warmth or protection. Clothes, in some sense, are inherently a facet in all of our lives. This week's... Continue Reading →

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