The Fourth Prompt: On Clothing

Despite the perennial desire to find myself in the heat of summer and free of the binding nature of clothing, clothes are, of course, an imperative to life in society. They serve a variety of purposes––as decoration, warmth or protection. Clothes, in some sense, are inherently a facet in all of our lives.

This week’s prompt asks you to consider a particular piece of clothing: its size, shape, color and purpose. What does it feel like, where/how did you obtain it? Do you hand-wash it, or leave it crumpled at the back of your closet? What meaning or memory do you associate with it? How might you write about universal subjects through it?

There aren’t too many formal constraints here, except to keep it nonfiction (poetry or prose), utilize poetic language and to remember the importance of the little things in life––like clothing and finding the poetry in everything that surrounds us.

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