The Third Prompt: On Transportation

This week’s prompt asks you to consider an object of transportationa car, a train, a bus, a plane, a bicycle (ect.). How do you get where you are going, or where you went? Why are you headed in that direction?

It may help to begin with the details of the object itselfwhat color is it, what does it feel like, smell like (ect.)? Then, write by association; what memories spring forth from this object? Consider movement and direction (in literal senses as well as metaphorical ones). How can you make (some type of) meaning from producing creative writing on this object of transportation?

There are not too many formal constraints herewrite poetry or prose, keep it nonfiction, utilize poetic language, and let the object and it’s memories guide you.

9 thoughts on “The Third Prompt: On Transportation

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  1. Dad’s Blue Chevy – Jim Noonan
    66 words

    In the back of dad’s blue Chevy on the way to Charlottesville. Me cracking my knee on tent poles jammed in the seat between us. You lunching on sandwiches, your doll forgotten on the floorboard. Us staring like psychos at passing cars, drifting with the rhythm of the day, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Our forearms almost touching, hairs thrilling as your perfect teeth puncture white bread.

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