The Second Prompt: A Time Piece

I’ve been thinking a lot about time—how it slows and speeds up, how my perception of it has changed, how it has and hasn’t changed me. There seems to never be enough of it—it’s always slipping away, churning, moving on. And sometimes, there’s too much.

So, this week, our prompt will focus on writing about a time piece. Your chosen object could be a clock, analog or digital, a watch, a cellphone clock, a clock at the center of your town, or in your workplace, ect. In beginning this exercise, I urge you to write down all of the physical aspects of your chosen object—no detail is too small (how does it sound when it ticks, where is it, what does it look like?). Then, begin to write the thoughts, memories and/or associations you have with the object—your piece should hopefully spring from there.

There aren’t too many formal constraints—just keep it nonfiction, be playful, utilize poetic language, and consider time and it’s implications on you, your memories and the world surrounding you.

As always, please feel free and welcome to post your piece or thoughts in the comments.

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